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The Adolescent Atlas for Action (A3) is a suite of tools that summarizes the lives and needs of adolescents around the world to promote evidence-based decision-making.

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Easy-to-grasp analytics and data visualizations designed for the busiest stakeholders


Essential information on adolescents at global, national, and sub-national levels for over 100 countries


High-quality, up-to-date evidence curated by the Population Council

New data updates! 20 new adolescent-relevant policies added to the Policy Tracker

Data + Analytics

Dynamic dashboards with global, national, and sub-national insights to promote data-driven programs, policies, and investments. Tutorial on how to use the A3 coming soon.


A dashboard mapping global, national, and sub-national data on key indicators of adolescent well-being.


A database of adolescent-relevant, national policies enacted around the world.


A catalog of more than 700 data sources on adolescents and young people living in low-and middle-income countries. 



A selection of the latest key resources, including papers, briefs, and reports, highlighting evidence on adolescents written by the Population Council and others.

A3 Insights

Data-driven narratives, ideas, and news to help connect the dots and create a holistic picture of adolescent experiences.


Latest News

The Diversity and Complexity of Child Marriage

The GIRL Center presented research that will be featured in an upcoming series of the Journal of Adolescent Health at a Child Marriage Learning Partners Consortium event. Explore findings from the entire Consortium here.

Gendered Impact of COVID-Related School Closures

New GIRL Center-led and UNESCO-funded study exposes failure to factor gender in COVID-19 education responses

About Us

The A3 was developed and is currently maintained by the GIRL Center at the Population Council with funding from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

Stay current on the latest A3 data, resources, insights, and news and learn more about how you can use data to inform your decisions.