The Menstrual (C)uptake Challenge: Global Benefits with Inequitable Efforts
August 12, 2022

Learn more about menstrual cups in this Youth Perspectives insight.


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What the COVID-19 pandemic is showing us about the global learning crisis
May 10, 2021

Progress in girls’ education has been faltering for years. For decades, the global education system has not been educating the majority of its children adequately, largely because we have failed to connect how policies and programs can leverage data and…


COVID-19 Education GIRL Center
Remember the fundamentals as we build back better in girls’ education
January 12, 2021

This spring, the Population Council’s GIRL Center launched the Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER), a searchable, easy-to-use, interactive database to drive better education results for girls, boys, and communities around the world. It includes information on current practice…


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